Faery Craft

Faery Craft

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Calling all fairies, goblins and other other worldy creatures!

Join the dance, share your love and knowledge of the wee folk. Go on wonderful faery picnics and drink elderberry wine, dress up, draw gnomes, report any sightings, make beautiful wings and garb fit for a faery queen, practise random acts of kindness, share recipes for faery cake and cookies, dreams, stories and tales of the fair folk. Go on fantastic adventures, listen to beautiful music, share magick with the world. Join in the reverie...

You can post anything faery relavent here! We want:
-faery information
-dance steps
-frog kissing
-faery boys
-dressing up
-stories and adventures and photos and lots more!

Queen Mab and Gremelkin

By Neil-Geddes Ward