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For a Mini Scroll Invite Above/Below a Faerie Dorr:

"For a haven from the cold,
Be ye meek or be ye bold,
Spirit Fair or Twilit Soul,
From Days of Yore or Time Foretold:
For a warmth more rich than gold,
You're welcome here, both young & old."

**Work in Progress**

I might form this out of clay in the shape of a scroll w/a written inscription pressed & inked in it.. or I might just type this up in pretty handwriting/medieval font & print it out on a piece of paper to over or under the -beautiful- Faerie door my stepfather made me.... I'm not sure. Either way, I want this to be an invitational inscription bidding Fae to come inside. :):)

I hope they like it! ^_^
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That is a gorgeous bit of poetry! Very nice!

Keep in mind that many of the fae would not make good houseguests, and not all of them are safe to have around. They can be quite tricksterish and the precision wording is often very important in dealing with them. If you are still tinkering with this poem of invitation, I would consider adding a clause limiting the welcome to those who would enter in friendship and harmony.

I'd love to see the finished project when you are done!
I tried to put a carefully worded (while trying not to be too wordy) clause in there, (about being light of spirit or of twilight- leaving out the dark), but I guess that doesn't quite come across.. huh? Hmmm.... *ponder ponder*

Thanks for the kind words, and for the advice. ^_^ *curtsies* Much appreciated! :D
"For a haven from the cold,
Be ye meek or be ye bold,
Spirit Fair or Twilight Soul,
Of Love and Light, both Young & Old,
From Days of Yore or Times Foretold:
For warmth more dear than richest gold,
We bid thee welcome to our freehold."

..Now, do you think it should say "more dear" or "dearer..?" Hmm...
Oooh, I like that.

Personally I'd be just a touch more specific still though- just to play it safe. Something like:

"If you be our friend, that richest gold,
We bid thee welcome to our freehold."

That makes the welcome clearly conditional upon their state as friends. *wink*