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Hey all!  I just wanted to pop these up for y'all, as I just had a visit to me mum's house & had the presence of mind to snap pics of them during a moment of free time. :)  I made them on a potter's wheel in my pottery/ceramic arts class in college, and I -really- miss 'em, n' totally wish I could make more. ^_^  (Or buying ones like them would rule, too. :))

The tankard was inspired by the wee thimbles the Gump uses for elderberry wine in "Legend," and the bowl was just miniature-making fun. :) 
They're both round, wobble-bottomed stoneware, made w/foodsafe-glaze, and the little wide bowl accommodates a tea light as if it were made for it- which it wasn't. ;)

Faerie bowl and tankard.
And for size comparison:
Wow.. ya know.. now that I look at it, the little bowl kind of looks like an overturned toadstool- duddn't it..?  ..Or like it was made from the impression of an overturned one...

Hope you like!

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