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Book reviews and Showing of my hobby...

I don't know how faery these are, but I am always inspired by fae and nature in my work, so here are a few leaf pieces to show you...

Frozen Leaves
Frozen Leaves

Fall Fossil
Fall Fossil

Birch Branch
Birch Branch

Icicle Birch
Icicle Birch

I have been reading my kids books more regularly since school started cause their teachers have me write them down so...
We have recently been reading Finding Fairies and I found it really great for stuff to do with my kids, and insight to other countries traditions. The illustrations are pretty adorable too. The kids also love The Elves and The Shoemaker. The illustrations stop short of nothing but gallery pieces, they are stunning, and the kids love finding the Elves.
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These are really lovely! I think they are perfectly suited to faery fashion. The little green leaves are amazing - you must use real leaves to make the impression? I don't know much about jewlery, but that's what it looks like to me. Do you have a shop or anything?
Thankyou! The green leaves are Sumiko's on Etsy. I am pretty sure they are real leaf impressions. My shop is:

Until my website is functional again. :D
Oooh, love the leaf pieces!
Thanks so much. I loves leaves. :D