June 2nd, 2010


My Crafts, Your Crafts, and Others' Crafts- of Faerie!

Okay, I'm not anywhere NEAR getting married, but the idea of a fae-themed wedding has long been on my mind.   I've got lots of things planned, a TON of ideas and even thoughts on wedding invite paper & such to performers & catering.  That being said, I would love your input:  

So firstly:  If you could have a faerie-themed  wedding (or attend your ideal version of one), what would you like to see (or not)?  What kind of attire would you wear if anything fae-related were possible?  (I.e. medieval to SteamPunk, modern street rat to 40K Eldar & faeries from all over the world would be okay.)  Would you have music, food, entertainment or ceremony ideas, thoughts or opinions? 

Secondly, I've got the Muses sitting on my head lately (which I'm extremely happy about & grateful for ^_^), and I've got lots of ideas for crafting Humbug Horns (my version of satyr's/faun's horns), beaded jewelry, fae-related art & beyond.  So my question to you is; what kind of jewelry, art, etc. would you like to see?  Do you have any images in your head you'd like to have depicted, or themes you'd like to see further explored?  (Or less, as the case may be?

Also, you all know of FaerieWorlds and FaerieCon, yes/no?  I hope so- I'd love to be a performer and/or vendor there someday!

-Ooh!  Which reminds me!  I've made a few of my own faerie art pieces too as of late!   The top two are directly fae-related, while the bottom two are more fae-friendly. ^_^

And lastly:  For those of you who seek more faerie trappings:  DId you know you can find these things called Treasuries on Etsy?  They're these user-created item collections that can be pretty much anything- as long as it's sold on the Etsy web site. ^_^   I found one made by a friend initially, which then inspired me to make my own.  There's a TON of cool faerie stuff on there. ^_^

Thanks and hope you like!
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