November 28th, 2009

Surprised Me

Been Drawing, Crafting, & Podcasting About the Fae! :D

For a full show inspired by the fae, w/fae-centric music of all kinds, you're most humbly invited to visit :)

The show includes bands such as: Faun, Omnia, The Gypsy Nomads, Meg Davis, Caprice, S. J. Tucker and many more. :) It was just put up Wednesday to be ready and available for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I really hope those of you who're fans of different types of music, as well as those who dig mythology, folklore & the fae, will like it! ^_^ (And hopefully, there'll be a few more faerie-inspired shows coming up soon! Including one general faerie-ep, as well as one all about merfolk & other aquatic creatures. ^_^)

Also, I've been drawing a good bit again as of late, and I've got one piece in the works, as well as a few others recently done that were faerie-inspired. :)

There's "Faerie Flame,"
And the beginnings of my knocker piece "Coin Operated Boy;"
Hope ya dig! :)

Many Thanks and Much Love,
"DJ Selchie" ;D
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